I don’t believe in marriage. At least not in what it means today. I believe in the original belief of it, of what it represented back then.

Back in the day marriage was an actual, respectful, and much-needed belief.

Back in the day when marriage represented the unity between a man, a woman and the procreation of life. The loss of virginity of both. It was also a promise to each of being faithful and respectful. He promised to take care of her in the good and the bad. Provide her and their children with shelter, food, and strength. She promised to back him up in his decisions, serve him his meal and raise the children. If one was in a fight, the other had the other’s back. When parents interfered, they put a stop to it and they handled it together. As parental units, they taught their children respect and honor above all else.

Couples grew old together and helped each other in the same growth of spirit, self-discipline and above all, they loved each other. Albeit it was a man and a woman. However, it could have been a man and another man; or a woman and another woman. Sex wouldn’t have mattered, it was respected.

I grew up believing that marriage was a contract between a master and a servant. I still see this among my peer, and their parents. The man works, goes out to golf, plays with his buddies, has a mistress he supports, and still has time for one nighters with anonymous women. The wife stays home, cooks, cleans, raises their children and takes his beatings. Those women who can read, add, write, and shop on their own are the ones that cheat on their men. In short, they do not love, respect, or defend each other.

Today same-sex couples can marry. I’m all for that only if they actually respected each other and not simply because they want the same rights as heterosexuals. The saddest part of being gay is that we have no role models. We make guesses about what we should do and how to behave. We have heterosexual values and want the same.

As a gay man, I don’t want the same rights as the heterosexuals.

This is what our married role models have:

  • The right to marry whomever because they can.
  • Sign a piece of paper that proves they can.
  • Have health insurance.
  • Become legal in a foreign country.
  • Call the police for fake domestic violence. (I respect the real calls. I’m talking about fake calls to the police for vengeance.)
  • Make a video of the song and dance of the proposal to rub it into our poor friends.
  • Become swingers.
  • Throw multi-thousand-dollar engagement and divorce parties.
  • Seclude others who are not married.
  • Sign legal documents.
  • Be taken care of financially.
  • Divorce and ruin the other financially.
  • To spite parents.
  • Something to do multiple times.
  • Use it as an excuse not to be with family.
  • The list goes on and on.

I believe marriage should be about two people who love each unconditionally, in spite of all the above. It’s not about if you can, if you should or if you want. It should have to be about loving each other. Marriage should be respected.

When marriage becomes something you honor and it’s not a pass time or an excuse, I will marry. Until then, I’ll be the guy the husband cheats on his wife with. The single guy that has too high of standards to settle down for cheaters and losers. Navigate through One Time Courters when dating. Kissing frogs until the real prince arrives and settle down with him.