Not all gays can recite a scene of Hello, Dolly. Not all gays can tell you that a brown purse does not go with black shoes. Or that red is fashionable only when it comes to underwear. There are so many things gays are not.

Why has television and the film portrayed gay men as artistic and shallow? I don’t know. I think it’s time to change that. The movement has started, though. Let’s keep moving forward.

Here are a few movies and show that have a scene just like this one:

  • Bedazzled Film, Directed by Harold Ramis in 2000Elliot sells his soul to the devil to make a girl he likes love him. The devil gives him seven wishes, which all go wrong. On one wish, Elliot wishes to be intelligent, rich and hung; so the devil turns him into an author. He’s famous, rich, and apparently well hung– he’s the star of the night. The girl he’s in love with is at the party throwing herself at him. In the bedroom, Elliot’s flaming boyfriend surprises them. He realizes that he’s gay too.
  • Black Books TV Show, “Grapes of Wrath” Episode, Directed by Graham Linehan and Nick Wood in 2000Fran goes out on a date. As much as she puts herself out there, making obvious comments on how easy she is, her date doesn’t pay any attention to her. A waiter goes by and bends over. Fran’s date looks at the waiter’s bottom, and Fran realizes that he’s gay. No wonder he’s divorced. She asks him what three celibates have in common. They’re all fabulous, he replies.

This cliché doesn’t even make sense anymore. Today’s youth is not focused on Broadway or the Silver screens. As gays, we have moved way beyond gawking over pretty film stars. Now we’re more focused on how pretty we are. Pretty with our hair up, colored blue, black tips, piercings in private places, and tattoos that don’t make sense.

This stereotype has for the longest time been used over and over and over again. Slowly, it has gone from Broadway actresses, show tunes, movie stars, fabulous singers, and lately the Kardashians. Anyone, gay or otherwise, can tell you what their lives are all about. You don’t need to be gay for that one.

How does being cultured and well educated mean that you’re automatically gay? I’ve met many a gay man that have no culture, no sense, and no education. I do happen to know who Bette Davis is, and I can sing along Madonna, Cher, and Lady Gaga.