cover-for-my-brothers-200x300I am the original ‘One Time Courted.’ It’s been that way for most of my life. Straight men are interested in me because I’m nice and very giving. They court me and as soon as they sleep with me, they stop talking to me. I’m left confused and scared about having a relationship. Did I bring this on myself? Maybe. I really did not have any role models growing up. I was in love with Moulder. I followed my locker partner in high school all year long. It was a fun year–he was great in bed. I think. Never saw him after that.

My biggest pet peeve is what I hear from these guys in the morning or the next time we see each other:

  • I was drunk
  • It was a mistake
  • I’m not gay, leave me alone
  • I only wanted to get off
  • My wife won’t give me head

After a while, you want to just maim these guys. I sort of did. Each and every one of the victims is somewhat based on my past One Time Courters. Well, I’m not going to say ‘lovers.’ I have a more dramatic word for them, but this site is PG.

Here are a few questions that I’ve been asked by readers, with the answers I gave them:

  • Did you kill any of them?
    • Only in my writing.
  • Did it hurt you what they did to you?
    • That’s why I wrote it. Because it was fun. YES, it still hurts.
  • Are these all the guys you slept with?
    • I’m not a little whore if that’s what you’re asking. I kept falling for their lies and expecting them to treat me right. I was wrong.
  • Is it only these nine guys you wrote about?
    • You will read about the rest of them in books 2 and 3.
  • Why is your hero straight? Or at least, he started that way.
    • I fantasize about the man who will come to me in real life and save me from myself.
  • Which of the characters is based on you?
    • The Twins. One is totally me, and the other is my alter ego. So unless I release my alter ego, I won’t kill anyone.
  • Why did it take so long for Angel to grow up?
    • He’s damaged. I’m damaged. I still haven’t grown up. Hence, why Miguel is the protector, the provider, the man.

uri-quest-199x300As you can see I have gotten a lot of different reactions from writing My Brother’s Sins. I can understand why I have two fans that email me every month asking for book two. I’m working on it. It might come out by Thanksgiving. I highly recommend the book. You can find it on Amazon.

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He writes from his point of view as he dwells and tells everyone what happens in the book.