‘Clothes don’t make the man.’ – Do you agree with this saying? No matter what your answer is, the fact is that clothes say a lot about us and our personalities, which is why people often think of other people in a particular way based on their fashion choices. If you want to know what your summer clothes say about you, just stay with us and keep on reading. Here are some interesting explanations, so check them out and enjoy!

Pretty pastel color palette for all romantic souls out there

If you’re one of those people who simply adore pastel color palette, we’re sure that you love to wear these beautiful shades no matter the season, right? Even though a lot of people link pastels mostly to spring, the fact is that they’re making a huge comeback this year, and that’s what makes them more than appropriate even for summer. So, if you prefer shades like soft lavender, pistachio green, pastel yellow, and muted pink, we can say that you’re a romantic soul who enjoys being in love and expressing your feelings about everything in the world. It’s highly likely that you adore poetry, too!

Bright, neon shades for rebels who love to experiment with fashion

On the other hand, people who prefer bright and neon shades are often perceived as sassy, edgy, and bold, simply because these shades are usually synonymous with a free spirit and willingness to experiment – both in life and in fashion. Besides that, people who wear red clothes are usually seen as extremely attractive, as this is the color of blood and fire associated with meanings of love, desire, passion, heat, and strength. There are also bright yellow, fiery orange, deep turquoise, emerald green, and many other vibrant shades worn by people who know exactly what they want, and they aren’t afraid to get it. So, if you’re one of those people who prefer clothes in such shades, we believe that you’re a strong person who speaks his or her mind, without any fear!

It takes a lot of courage to show skin, even during summer

Yes, we agree that showing skin can sometimes seem a bit vulgar, but it’s completely normal and logical during summer when the temperatures go through the roof. Of course, we can also say that it takes a lot of courage, as a lot of people are extremely self-conscious and don’t feel pleasant in revealing clothes. Garments like denim shorts and crop tops aren’t designed just for the girls who work out regularly and have killer bodies – these can be worn by gals of all body shapes and sizes, as everyone has the right to dress however they like without being judged by others. However, if you still don’t feel comfortable wearing such clothes, you can always opt for a cover-up like a trendy colorful kaftan, and you’ll nail your summer outfit like a true fashionista!

Head-to-toe black outfits – hit or miss?

You’ve probably seen a lot of people who wear head-to-toe black outfits in the middle of a hot summer day, and we know that you wonder what their philosophy behind such an outfit is, right? Well, we certainly can’t know that for sure, but there are some possible explanations we should take into consideration. Some people simply hate making fashion-related decisions which include color-coordinating, and that’s why they opt for full-on outfits that feature only one color. After all, that’s what the world’s most successful people do – remember Mark Zuckerberg’s grey T-shirts he wears every single day? That’s it – dressing the same way allows him to focus on more important business decisions, which may be the case with these people as well. But why black? Well, probably because black clothes are the easiest to combine, and that’s what makes them impossible to fail!

Clothes we wear inevitably say a lot about who we are, no matter how irrelevant these may seem. These express our personality, beliefs, thoughts, and opinions about the world, which is exactly why they are a huge part of our lives. The sooner you realize that, the better!