Now that Gay weddings are legalized, you may get several invitations to join such auspicious ceremonies. It does feel good when you get any invitations from some close friends or relatives. However, the thought of what to gift them can put pressure on your mind.

If you are someone who isn’t sure about what to gift a straight couple at their wedding, then there is no doubt that you are confused about what to give a gay couple as a wedding gift.

Well, a gift needs to be appreciated, and that’s why you need to know the recipients’ taste well. If you are a straight person and don’t know what your gay friends might like as a wedding present, this article is for you.

Here, you can find the coolest and cutest wedding gift ideas for gay couples.

Monogrammed Couple Hankies

Hankies have gradually come back in recent years. Before, they were mostly used for personal reasons (e.g., blowing your nose, wiping your hands or face, or cleaning surfaces). Now, hankies are mostly used as stylish cloth accessories. If the newlyweds are fashionable folks, they will love a gift set of elegant monogrammed couple hankies.

Matching Shirts

You can never go wrong when you select apparel as a gift. A gay couple who is cautious about their presentation and looks will love to get shirts as a gift. The queers love the idea of matching shirts. Look for those shirts which have the same quotes written on them like “Mr. Hubby” or “I am the bride” or “Love is love”, etc. You can even find matching rainbow t-shirts for them to celebrate Pride.

His and His Bath Robes

A useful and thoughtful gift would be new bathrobes. You can add a little personal touch in those by monogramming “his & his”. In case you are attending a lesbian wedding, you can get a “hers & hers” bathrobe set.

If you give them the gift in advance, they can use the bathrobes on their wedding day to get ready.

Choose such bathrobes that have soft and comfortable material, so, later on, they can use them as house robes too.

If you want to go gaga over the gifts, you can also add monogrammed hand and bath towels with the robes.

Personalized Cutting Board

Cooking is a great activity a couple can do together. Boring cooking utensils or gadgets can ruin their mood. A personalized cutting board with their names and their wedding date engraved on it will surely bring out a smile every time when they need to chop anything.

While getting a cutting board for the couple, choose something that is built with top-quality material. A large cutting board can be used as a charcuterie board when the couples would have guests over. For more personalized gift item ideas for gay couples’ weddings, you can visit this site.

Convection Bread Maker

Apart from the cutting board, you can also gift the gay couples a convection bread maker as a wedding gift. No matter what their gender or sexuality is, the warmth of freshly home-baked bread would make anyone beam with joy.

Custom Sequin Throw Pillows

Have you ever met a gay person who doesn’t love throw pillows? The sequin throw pillows are available both online and offline. You can find pillows with different shapes, sizes and colors. To customize the pillows, you can add pictures of the couple and voila; you have a nice set sets of pillows to gift and make the giftees happy.


It might sound like a common gift, but come on, someone has to gift the couples a toaster on their wedding. Let it be you, get a toaster and give it to the gay couple. Agree or not, a toaster is indeed a necessary item when you need to make your breakfast quickly. After all, you need your carbs (the bread) perfectly toasted in the morning.

Photo Labels on Wine Bottles

There will be wine at the wedding. You can surprise the LGBTQ couples by gifting them a customized wine bottle with their engagement picture on it. Even after the wedding is over, the bottle can be kept as a souvenir.

Add a wine opener set along with the wine bottles to help them open their bottles at the function.

Hers & Hers Wine Glasses

A pair of wine glasses is a perfect gift to give couples on their wedding day. The cute “Hers and Hers” wine glasses will perk up the happy brides’ mood every time they take a sip from the glasses.

Personalized Mugs

If you are not into wine glasses, you can gift personalized mugs to the gay couple when you attend their wedding. Yes, you can get away with any functions by gifting personalized coffee mugs. You can add their pictures or buy them matching “Mr&Mr” or “Mrs and Mrs” sets of cute coffee mugs. They will never forget their wedding date each time they drink coffee on that mug.


Finally, you need to know that your feelings and emotions matter the most when choosing a gift for your close persons. The main goal is to make them feel special on their memorable day, and with your little effort, you can do it easily.