We’ve come a long way in the past several years when it comes to LGBT rights and greater freedom to live openly with our partners in our communities and beyond. However, now that we’re proudly out and an official part of the target market for many businesses, they have had to learn how to recognize our role in each community and it’s no longer just business as usual. By recognizing our unique values and authentic lifestyle needs, automotive brands make themselves either more or less valuable in our eyes.

So, if you’ve started your own family and you would like to invest in a car that is both practical and a reflection of your personal values – here’s a guide to help you find the right make and model for your budget and your needs.

Discrimination-free brands

If you’re just looking for another simple, modern car to get you from point a to point b and keep your life relatively simple, you can buy pretty much any make and model. However, as an LGBT couple, if you want to live and breathe your convictions and stand up for your values, then you should aim for brands that are in line with those values.

Luckily, with trustworthy resources and some research, you can discover precisely which brands meet the criteria for being LGBT-friendly, and those include most major brand names now, from Acura to Tesla. It seems that the industry has finally responded to the need of the LGBT community for greater recognition and respect, so you can safely invest in a brand found on the list. 

Set the stage for proper maintenance

Once you select a perfect car for your family, you should also be prepared to take good care of it! Get to know your make and model through the manual, and be sure to find out pro tips on how to prevent damage and unnecessary wear and tear. One common way to keep your vehicle safe is to invest in a high-quality DIY ceramic coating that will protect your car from the elements, scratches, and other types of damage.
The coating will bind with the vehicle’s paint and create a protective layer that will make your vehicle more resilient. You’ll also need other car-care essentials, depending on your vehicle brand, so do some research and equip yourself properly before you buy.

Find a local LGBT-friendly mechanic

Although you might as well be a car expert, you should always have a trusty car mechanic on speed dial just in case you need professional repairs done on your vehicle. That said, much like you choose your brand and your maintenance essentials based on a variety of factors including the no-discrimination mindset, the same goes for your mechanic.

Seattle’s Repair Revolution is a great example of an LGBT-supportive body shop that provides services sans the discrimination, heavy on the sass. Its core employees are queer, trans, and gay, and they are the perfect representation of the LGBT colors. So, you can find a similarly supportive mechanic in your community, so that your car is always in the best of hands. 

Purpose-driven cars for your family

Considering the current circumstances, road trips are very hot right now as a creative way to travel and explore the local wonders of your country. When you’re about to organize your next gaycation in the months to come, having a specific car at your disposal can mean the difference between being able to hit the mountains or not. 

If you’re an adventurous family by nature, you should aim for durable vehicles that can provide you with extra safety features and lasting protections for long road trips. Plus, you should look for ample trunk space for all your packing essentials. Kia seems to be a gay-approved brand for such ventures, so consider their newer models if you’re planning plenty of road trips!


As an LGBT couple, you’ll come across your fair share of challenges in your life. Buying a car for your family shouldn’t be one of them. With a simple, but effective guide at hand, you can easily find a make and model that fits your budget, your needs, and that resonates with your inner pride. Hopefully, you’ll find a ride that suits your family in no time, and you’ll be getting ready for another road trip adventure soon enough.