Did you know that, according to Human Rights Campaign, 46% of employees are closeted at work? Many of them also notice various negative comments about the LGBTQ community that no one is doing anything about. As a member of the LGBTQ community, it can’t feel good to work in such environments and waste talent on bigoted people. Luckily, there are many workplaces that offer great support to all their workers, and here are just some of the best ones: 

American Airlines

HRC has a list of Best Places to Work, and American Airlines always makes the cut. What puts AA above their competition is the ever-expanding LGBTQ support for employees and suppliers they work with. They often promote LGBTQ-owned businesses and participate in supplier-diversity events—match-making sessions, business fairs and networking events—that promote small, diverse and minority-owned businesses. 


This iconic brand has been providing shoe and fashion lovers with extensive Pride collections for 7 years straight. Since 2015, Converse has donated over $1.3 million to LGBTQ organizations and invested in diversity and inclusion. Their 2021 collection, partnered with the It Gets Better Project, was inspired by five All-Stars who shared their stories of love, acceptance and queer joy. They also offer various source groups to their employees which can bring people together—one of them being the Converse Pride Network. 


Amazon has very strict policies concerning LGBTQ rights. As a matter of fact, this company constantly earns a perfect score on the Corporate Equality Index. In 2022, Amazon got another perfect score due to its amazing employee benefits. It provides workers with the full support of all sexual orientations and gender identities, and offers inclusive benefits for same- and different-sex spouses and domestic partners. Amazon is big on trans rights, offering equal healthcare for all transgender individuals without exclusion. About 20 years ago, one employee started the Glamazon affinity group, which now has 60 active chapters all over the world. It also offers support for those looking to learn to sell. For instance, you can find much information on selling online in Australia that’s free for all. This provides great benefits for all LGBTQ people who want to learn about product development, marketing and customer base in a safe and accessible way. 


Ever since 2006, Coca-Cola has received 100% on the Corporate Equality Index. For over a decade, this company has supported the LGBTQ community, and they constantly continue to update their company culture and policies to fit all employees, especially minorities. One of their most praise-worthy moves includes transgender-inclusive health insurance coverage. Coca-Cola also invests a lot of money every year into fighting against the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which is extremely anti-LGBTQ. 


IKEA is a retail store aiming to create an inclusive and supportive workplace for all employees. Every year, they participate in the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, and they firmly believe that all humans should have equal rights. As a member of the Workplace Pride Foundation and Stonewall (organizations working to achieve equality for all LGBTQ people in the workplace), IKEA employees can enjoy various benefits not previously available to them. And all that comes on top of inclusive healthcare provided by IKEA. 

Johnson & Johnson

J&J supports their LGBTQ employees and their decisions while working in the company. The best demonstration of their company policy comes from flexible and inclusive health benefits. J&J also offers fertility treatments, adoption and surrogacy help for same-sex couples, on top of providing accessible care for workers going through gender transition. Their healthcare coverage includes surgery costs and hormone replacement therapy which is pretty unique in the corporate world. 

Riot Games

The gaming industry has not always been very LGBTQ-friendly, but Riot Games are here to change that. Best known for League of Legends, Riot Games have been very vocal about their support of LGBTQ employees. For five years, they have been a part of the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. Initially, the day has been celebrated internally, but now it has translated into the gameplay as well. Riot Games always add rainbow icons to all Riot games to allow players to show support. Since 2017, Riot Games has been working with the It Gets Better Project by sponsoring events and supporting LGBTQ organizations. In recent years, their Pride celebration campaign got some cool Pride merch, with 100% of earnings going to the It Gets Better Project. 

All other companies should take note and follow these corporations on the path to LGBTQ equality and happiness because the best workplaces are diverse and full of respect, love and support.