There is absolutely no better gift than the gift of giving, and since Christmas is just around the corner, it’s time for all of us to be as generous as we possibly can and show our significant other just how, well, significant they are. The perfect gift isn’t only reflected in the amount we spend on it, but also the effort we put into it. Hence, it can be anything from a luxury item that you have sneakily figured out they crave, or it can be something on a budget that holds equal sentimental meaning. This is precisely why we have prepared a list of six amazing gift ideas for every budget, so you’re bound to love at least one of them – and your man will be thrilled with them as well. 

Luxury galore section 

It is undisputable that a finely tailored, high-quality designer trench coat is one of the absolute finest presents to ever exist. Reason: they have a timeless allure, which makes them eternally stylish and not succumbing to the shifting and changing of trends. Secondly, when you go for a luxury version, it shows not only that you’re willing to spend more on your guy, but that you also care about the fit, cut and the lasting power of the item. Finally, the reason we called it a style chameleon is simple – it meshes perfectly with any given outfit. It can elevate a suit, make a regular jeans-and-sweater combo more stylish and it even works well with the athleisure trend. Perfect all around. 

The second gift from the luxury section is no other than the mighty suit. Yes, suits are on the more pricey side, particularly if you’re going for something of superb quality and perfect fit for your man, but hey, he’s worth it, isn’t he? Now, you know your man’s style so you will judge what kind of a suit he would pick out himself. Think hard – is it single or double-breasted? What color would he want and most importantly – what fabric makes him feel like a million dollars? There is no outfit that makes a man more dapper than a suit, and even if he doesn’t think he needs one, he will realize just how much he does as soon as he gets one, so choose wisely and make your man even more handsome and, of course, happy. 

Huh, there are very few things that can make a man so inexplicably irresistible like a fine fragrance that complements him and goes with his personality. There is simply something about a man that smells incredible that makes him 125% more attractive. Now, you have to be very picky when it comes to this as fragrances tend to smell differently on different people. If he already has a signature scent, your work is already done, but if not, you will have to go with your gut feeling and pick among some of the finest fragrances for men. 

The low key budget-friendly options 

Gifts on a budget can be fantastic, you just have to scout a little harder for them. For instance, if your guy appreciates home decor, scout for the best online furniture and snag him a cool home decor piece they have to offer. It will cost less than a suit, but it will still have that luxurious feel. It’s not always about the price tag, sometimes you can find luxury-exuding things without breaking the bank and still impress the person receiving the gift. 

Let’s face it, few of us have remained immune to the charms and the amalgamation of style and comfort the athleisure trend has bestowed upon us. Even those who don’t tend to dress in accordance with the ‘athleisure rules’ have at least been enticed by cool sneakers. Sports brands have been going out of their way to make their sneakers more appealing to non-sneaker-heads, so you have a variety of wallet-friendly options. Just keep your guy’s style in mind, and that will lead you to the perfect pair of pumped up kicks. 

Finally, every guy, with no exceptions, looks a whole lot cooler with a great watch on his wrist. Not only will he look more handsome with this accessory (which, by the way, goes with everything he puts on), but he’ll never be late to anything – including your dates. Now, a Rolex or something in that category would be to die for, but luckily, there is a plethora of great timepieces that won’t break the bank, yet still have a luxurious feel to them. We’ll just leave a few great suggestions here and you can then mull it over and see which one of these your man would go crazy over the most. 

Happy shopping and we hope you’ll see that look of amazement and excitement on his face when he unwraps his stunning gift.