For as much as a reputation as gaming has as being aggressive and filled with people and experiences that embody anti-social tendencies, the truth is often far from that. Gaming is something that can provide you with a great deal of comfort and joy, and online gaming is absolutely no exception to this. If you’re looking for a safe space where you can simply relax and be yourself without worrying about your downtime being ruined, though, it might be beneficial to turn your attention to various suggestions that might make a good destination for your next gaming venture.

Cozy Games

When many people think of safe spaces in gaming, their minds might immediately go to the sub-genre of cozy games. Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing are popular examples of these, and the latter features many online components that can add a lot of replay value. From here, all of the benefits of the regular game features for the online as well. Having time at the end of the day to spend with a game like this can allow you some time to simply unwind and ease into the gentle rhythms of what’s on display, taking you away from the stresses of the day.

Online Casinos

Online casinos are a completely different type of gaming experience, one that is inherently online due to the very nature of the platform and the games but divorced from their interactivity in the way that you might be familiar with through party chat and other typical online game features. Instead, you have access to games connected to the internet, like online roulette, video poker, or blackjack, but the games themselves remain somewhat solitary – something that might help to curate a safe space. To support this further, the right platform can not only offer advice on how to gamble responsibly if you’re new to it as a whole, but it can also offer an encrypted platform that is technically secure as well.

Safe Spaces

The topic of safe spaces is important to discuss, because of how major and popular games reinforce this idea. While it’s natural to feel as though exposure to a wider audience decreases the possibility of these digital spaces being welcoming, that is countered by the increase in how the companies behind these experiences have cracked down on hate speech and discrimination. 

While that might not be enough to make these kinds of games and spaces immediately appeal to you, it’s worth looking into the exact measures that are taken here so that you can understand the full scope of how measures are being taken to make online gaming a more equal space in a general sense. That doesn’t mean that hateful vitriol is gone completely from these spaces, and you might find that it continues to be a problem, but conducting some research about a game and its community online ahead of time might help you gauge how much of a problem it is for other players before you jump in yourself.