Imagine going to a hockey game and seeing myriad colors flying across the ice. Envision a place where players could display their individuality along with their commitment to the game and not be judged for it. Pride tape, created by Calder Bateman and led by Creative Director Jeff McLean, have done just that.

Pride Tape is an innovative Kickstarter geared towards opening up the world of organized sports to equality. With the national climate of acceptance and the legalization of gay marriage, many companies and organizations are looking for ways to be more diverse and accepting. The organized sports community is no different. LGBTIQIA+ youth are part of teams across the world, and still, sometimes feel that they must shy away from their personality and identity in order to fit in. This mentality is being combated constantly with the brilliant minds of people such as those involved with Pride Tape.

Hockey tape is used on the blade of the hockey stick for puck control, and also on the top of the stick to better the player’s grip. This tape can be personalized in a variety of ways based on what needs the individual player has. The regular tape is typically made with just one color, whereas Pride Tape includes multiple colors on one roll to simplify displaying their pride.

Not only is this product something to support young LGBTQIA+ hockey players, but the proceeds from the sale of this tape will also be helping to fund other initiatives, with proceeds split between the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services at the University of Alberta and the You Can Play Project. Both of these organizations use their funding to provide solutions to the current climate of LGBTIQIA+ acceptance.

This tape will be used to spread awareness in the same way that hockey players do so for cancer awareness by wearing pink tape or gear. Pride Tape could open up a doorway into equality in a way that many organized sports have yet to adopt. As they mention on their Kickstarter page, “Pride Tape is more than rainbow tape. It’s a badge of support from the hockey world to young LGBTQ players.” By advocating for more freedom and eliminating fear on and off the ice, hockey players across the world can be themselves and play the game they love without fear of repercussion.

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