Who said self-care had to be solo? True, self-care activities are all about making time for yourself within a stressful schedule and tending to your mental, physical, and emotional health—but there are ways that you and your partner can engage in some pair care that serves both of your overall wellbeing.

Check out these five things you can do together that will strengthen your connection with one another, as well as deepen your connection with your truest self.

Make a Fitness Pact

One of the most important ways you can take care of your body is to stay in shape with regular exercise—but keeping up with a workout routine can be a pretty tough challenge, especially if you’re going at it alone.

It’s so much easier to exercise when you tag an accountability partner who can boost your motivation on days when it’s running rather low. And if the two of you make a commitment to a healthier lifestyle, it’ll pay off tenfold down the road!

You’ll both feel at your physical best and look the part to match. Pretty soon, you’ll be watching heads turn at you and your sexy side piece whenever you two hit the town

Trade off Back Massages

As you start working out more, you’ll no doubt experience the aches and pains that come with intense exercise. Help each other recover faster by trading off back massages that relieve tender tension and soothe stressed minds into a state of tranquility.

Whether you just take turns sitting on the floor, rubbing shoulders while watching TV, or you draw a bath to soak in some body-positive love, you’re sure to enjoy this form of pair care no matter what.

Set up a Spa Day

You can also take it one step further by setting up an entire spa day at home. Kick your beauty routine up a notch by revamping your skincare routine or giving each other a relaxing facial. You can take turns doing each other’s hair style and applying makeup as a form of creative expression that makes them glow on the outside as much as they do from the inside.

Stock up on Essential Supplements

Shopping is considered self-care, right? Maybe, but it definitely is if you’re searching for supplements that bring out your best self! Get your research game on and learn about all the natural products out there that can reduce anxiety, improve memory, soften skin, and so much more.

You’ll have fun while learning about new things and sharing what you find! Like, who’s ever heard of astaxanthin? This tongue-twister of a treat delivers potent antioxidants that protect every part of every cell in your body. It also boosts endurance, accelerates muscle recovery, fights fatigue, and tames inflammation to ward of the signs of aging.

And that’s just one supplement you’ve learned about within two minutes’ time! Imagine how much else you can explore as you fill up your shopping cart. Learning new things helps enrich your mind, so even if you don’t pull the trigger on any products, it’s still a valuable way to understand how your body works and form new neural pathways that keep your brain sharp.

Pick out Adult Coloring Books

The stress and anxiety of life are real, and some chapters feel more chaotic than others. Rather than vegging out to the TV every night to numb yourself to sleep, why not practice something a little more meaningful that’s just as relaxing?

Adult coloring books have become incredibly popular due to their therapeutic effects on mental health. Coloring fosters mindfulness as you disconnect from the chaos. Your mind quiets down while focusing on the page in front of you to help reduce anxiety, plus you get to enjoy a creative outlet that allows you to break out of a rigid routine.

You can always color alone, but doing it together can be a great way to hold a conversation (because no one talks through their TV shows). And when you compliment each other’s work once the pages are complete; you’ll feel much warmer and gooier than if you were to simply look at your own masterpiece.

Self-care in a pair? Say no more! Try these activities to optimize you and your partner’s overall health with benefits that positively impact your relationship, as well.