Recently many celebrities have brought more light to terms such as sexually fluid and gender fluid by coming out as just that, with both artists like Miley Cyrus and Young Thug, as well as Lilly Rose Depp.

I’ve heard a mixture of responses from “this is making the gay community look like a joke” to people agreeing and thinking it’s about time we begin to accept it as a culture.  It also brings to focus a more poignant issue, that humans, in general, can be fluid and part of a spectrum.

In the past decade, we have also seen a decline in people getting married an instead either choosing to live together without the label of marriage or have open relationships free of monogamy. Our ideas as a society have begun to shift and allowed us to be more open and creative to explore. And in essence isn’t that what being human is, being able to explore who you are?

1439301521_19c4b8c8302ee58c392bf25e47bb16bf2-243x300A recent article published in “Nature” claimed that it’s possible that sex is not a binary thing. In layman’s terms, it’s not connected to your gender. I wonder how much that study cost when all they had to do was panel like 6 gays and we’d all give them that same answer. Now it’s only fitting that since science is finally coming around so should society and the first steps to a society accepting something is when you see it start showing up in pop culture or the media.

Now, this isn’t to say all of the sudden now people like this exist however I see it more as these people have always been here but now you can’t pretend they don’t exist. Creatively gender fluidity and pansexuality has always allowed us as people to better express ourselves.  If an artist as a whole can express themselves more freely without societal constraints put on us like your gender and your sexual preference then the possibilities are endless. It’s like you put an artist in a box and tell them this is all the ways you can express your art and create however stay in this box. Imagine if we just accepted that there isn’t a box and this whole time we have been placing restrictions on what we can and can’t do when really it’s in our nature as humans to love and care and express that love?

Like in all things we can only be the change we hope to see, accepting people for how they express their love and creativity isn’t an option and you can’t stay hidden under a dark rock refusing to get with how the world is changing on its cultural views, just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you can’t be ignorant to other issues just because they don’t apply to you.  Something to think about guys…