There are some who believe that monogamy is dead or that it was never realistic. But for the millions of long-term couples around the world, the commitment they have made to their partner is the most beautiful part of their life.

Today, in most Western countries, there are a range of committed partnerships accepted by society as a whole. In 2015, the United States Supreme Court made gay marriage the law of the land, allowing millions of gay couples to wed in any state in the country. Suddenly, their relationships were valued like other relationships. On the other hand, millions of heterosexual Americans are now choosing to live unmarried in committed partnerships.

Regardless of the type of relationship you have, everyone is ready for commitment at different times and there are many ways to show commitment.

Putting the Ring on It

In many cultures around the world, purchasing a special ring called an engagement ring is what we do to show our partner that we are ready to commit to them for the rest of our lives. Jewelry carries sentimental and symbolic value.

If you want to propose to your partner, look for beautiful engagement ring jewelry in Chicago or at another local jeweler in order to make the moment magical. The piece doesn’t have to be grandiose; it should fit your budget and your partner’s style. In the end, it’s the gesture and the intent that truly count here. 


Living together requires a lot of adjustments. For one, there is a need to give up personal space and for two, you will be seeing each other A LOT. The adjustment to being with your partner pretty much all the time when you aren’t working can be enormous and affects all types of couples.

If your partner is willing to give up some of their personal space in order to share their daily life with you, then there is a big chance that he or she is in it for the long term. Living with each other is a good way to test healthy relationship dynamics that involve a little competition and a lot of cooperation. If it works out then you can move to a legal commitment like marriage with the comfort of knowing that you enjoy each other’s company.

Consultation and Sacrifice

Your partner has plans. You have dreams. Everyone has somewhere that they want to go to in the future. If you want your partner to share in these plans and adventures, then there is a big chance that commitment is there. The next step is to figure out if your partner wants to share their dreams, plans and adventures with you too. The only way to find out is to ask.

In the process, small concessions will have to be made. Though there is love, the two of you still remain two different individuals. It’s your commitment to each other that will make it easy for you to sacrifice for each other’s sake. 

Times have changed drastically, and so does the way that we define and handle relationships. It is important for anyone – regardless of sexual orientation or desire to legally marry– to really know how to accurately read and interpret the signs that you are both ready for a long-term commitment. From there you can test it out with cohabitation or move straight to a commitment ceremony with a ring.