It’s summertime, and everyone has been working their butt off (literally) to be in the best shape possible. All this so that we can flaunt our curved, muscular bottoms. But just like every sexy man needs to wear the perfect clothing, every sexy butt needs the ideal underwear. And I think that for this summer, I’ve chosen the perfect underwear line for me — Modus Vivendi.

Modus Vivendi just launched three eclectic style lines and boy let me tell you that you’re in for a treat. The three style lines are titled Glitter line, Fruits line, and Vegan line – each staying true to its name and offering a unique collection of raunchy underwear. These products are from the latest 2019 Spring Summer Collection and Swimwear Collection from Modus Vivendi.

The Glitter line is all you need to wear while you go swimming or while you’re strolling down idyllic beaches. This line mainly is comprised of Low Cut Briefs, Briefs, Tanga Briefs, Brazil Cut Boxers & Shorts. What sets this line of underwear apart from the rest is the bespoke fabric which uses glossy foil with a geometrical camouflage design, that comes from the merge of striped and pieux de poule patterns.

Here are some of my favorites from this line:

1. This Glitter Trunk Boxer looks sporty and feels pretty comfortable.

2. These Glitter Shorts radiate under sunlight making them perfect for beachwear.

3. This nude-colored Glitter Sequins Low Cut Brief is by far the sexiest and boldest underwear in this line.

“Did you get your dose of Vitamin C today?” asks Modus Vivendi with its Fruits line. The Fruits line is a delicious way to wrap your package. It is a fun, playful and fashionable range of underwear that offers a juicy style. It is studded with strawberries and lemons making it irresistible to touch. The vibrant colors really pop out (making it perfect to grab someone’s attention to your…you know what).

This line comprises of Bottomless, Boxers, Brief, Tanga Briefs, Low Cut Briefs, Jockstraps, Hoodies, Shorts & Tanktops so that you look fun not just down there but all over.

The most succulent fruits from this bunch are:

1. The Fruits Bottomless will show-off your kinky side in a fun way.

2. Strawberries filled Waffle Shorts are cute. No further comment.

3. This Fruits Tanktop complements the heavy chest and biceps that you’ve worked hard to gain.

The Vegan line is the MYP of this season. It is the gayest party underwear, period.

It consists of Bottomless, Tanga Briefs, Low Cut Briefs, Briefs, and Boxers; this line has an edgy design that makes it ideal for any party scene or for those private moments where you wanna look your best.

The Vegan line is made from polyester, polyamide fabric which offers a perforated leather look style.

If you ever wanna be the heat of the club, you must don this underwear.

My favorite styles from this line are:

1. These (faux) Leather Shorts is are an excellent addition to your party wear if your little man likes to pop out from his shell. There’s no better way to show off your bulge than this.

2. Vegan Low Cut Briefs feel like a pirate’s eyepatch (the only difference is that except for covering an eye they cover your dick). These Briefs showcase the wild side of you and earn you the title of a party pirate.

3. What stands out the most about this Vegan Boxer is its unconventional, edgy color combination. This is the definition of what this line has to offer.

Party freak or not, Modus Vivendi has a diverse range of underwear that caters to most of your needs. If you want to get trendy, you need to buy some of these hot-from-the-oven underwear option. Trust me, they’re simply too good.

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