bottledBrooklyn is a small yet growing Brooklyn-based design company that may just hold the right tool to help you empower yourself – and we want to share it with you!

The company started a few years ago with a conceptual product giving birth to bottledBrooklyn’s name. Following the reaction and success of this particular product, one product followed another as they slowly grew to become the bona fide design brand which they are today.

Speaking to Queer Voices, Founder and Designer Rameses Crisi describes bottledBrooklyn’s brand as being “strong, fun, lighthearted and empowered!”


If bottledBrooklyn has a set of products that lives and breathes its brand in one form, it is their stand-out range of fun and empowering vanity mirrors. On the surface of each mirror reads different affirmations, with examples being: “I’m the Shit” and “Remember What You Are. A Mother F —-ing Superstar.”

Queer Voices asked Crisi what makes a Mother F—-ng Superstar? He said, “A Mother F—-ng Superstar is someone who is true to themselves, confident listening to their own voice, and who is not being defined by others.”

He continued that it is “easy to get lost in other’s voices. It may not be your voice initially, but it may become your voice. There is a fine line between lame and empowering and I believe these mirrors are on the right side of that line.”

The future of bottledBrooklyn sounds exciting and promising with Crisi positively exclaiming that the company is definitely going to grow, with more artful products coming our way from a very creative place.

Queer Voices is excited to see what further cool products bottledBrooklyn comes out with in future. Until then we have been promised more empowering vanity mirrors on the way!

You can purchase bottledBrooklyn’s products, including the vanity mirrors, at their online store, or in-store at Ricky’s NYC or P!Q.