It’s no secret that I have a thing for underwear. I think they’re really cool, and sexy, and unique, and fun. Because of this, I spend a lot of time on men’s underwear websites, just browsing. Recently, I was offered several sample pairs by Modus Vivendi, one of our site’s advertisers. That said, we discussed that Queer Voices would review them honestly– not glossing over an issue–and that we would disclose that we received free merchandise.

Modus Vivendi (which means “a way of life”) is somewhat new menswear and men’s underwear company located in Greece. They have athletic wear, erotic wear, loungewear, swimwear, and of course…underwear. Overall, their clothes and underwear have a very modern, unique aesthetic that I really like. They use lots of non-traditional hemlines/patterns and also have a signature strap that they use in many ways (enhancing pouches, for jock straps, for support, etc). They also use a lot of snap closures and zippers, which allow for…easy access. Their products are very different from the typical “sexy gay menswear” that is seemingly everywhere online. Modus Vivendi underwear is also rather comfortable, something that certainly cannot be said about the typical sexy gay undies.

So here are some specific comments on the four pairs they sent me:


  1. Leather Boost Jockstrap (in blue)–Although the name is slightly misleading (there is no leather), this is actually the most comfortable jockstrap I’ve ever owned. It is comfortable, but also still sexy. The straps actually snap on the brief-front and connect at the bottom through a metal ring, which fixes the classic jockstrap problem of the straps getting annoyingly tangled. Overall I love this jockstrap, and it was great for all-day wear.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      2
  2. Bon Bon Mini Brief (in white)–be warned: when they say “mini brief,” they mean it! I’ve worn a good deal of very tiny underwear, but these were some of the smallest. It was hard to make everything fit and stay in place. They are made of a very cool and fuzzy fabric (the picture makes it look like velvet, but it’s not exactly that soft). These are a cool pair of underwear, but not really suited for all-day wear. But they are tiny and sexy and a lot of fun for…other things.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  3
  3. Eternal Brief (in black)–These are standard, classic, reliable, and comfortable. The famous “little black brief,” the gay men’s equivalent to the little black dress. I wouldn’t describe these as the sexiest of briefs, and they have more fabric/coverage than some of my other briefs, but these are still a great pair of underwear and they are super wearable.
  4. Zipper Jockstrap (in light grey)–When I first saw these I was all excited: they have a zipper, a cool drawstring, are a jockstrap, and are made out of comfortable, sweat-pant like 4material: awesome! All of that is accurate and they are great, really comfy to wear. The drawstring is also a fun detail. However, be warned about the zipper: all the myths you’ve been told about getting caught in a zipper are true. The zipper can be dangerous, but just be careful; otherwise, the zipper is unique, sexy, and totally worth it.

Overall, my favorite was the leather boost jockstrap. I’d definitely add these into my everyday rotation. Go snap up a few pairs as a gift to yourself (and perhaps your boyfriend as well…he must like to look, right?).