My wife had carpal tunnel surgery this week on both hands. This makes for some interesting care on my part. It’s like having a twenty-nine-year-old infant. Please don’t misunderstand, I’m happy to care for her when she can’t care for herself. She’s my spouse, that’s what you do.

Having children prepares you for all varieties of stomach-turning tasks. Thankfully my wife doesn’t need a diaper, but she does need help with the simple things like blowing her nose. She tries to explain to me how to fold the tissue and where to press it to her nostrils. It’s kind of a back and forth motion while she blows. But I can’t feel when it comes out and if I’m not careful to hold the tissue tight against her, we may all get hit with the fallout. Trust me, it happened.

She has the sweetest disposition and stays patient with me while I feed her with a fork and wipe her mouth with a napkin. She keeps her sharp sense of humor while I try to pull up her pants and hook her bra. Oh, it’s all fun and games unhooking one, but when you have to put one on someone else, it can be difficult. Try having someone else get those things under control and centered.

Then there’s wiping. Don’t marry someone until you know for certain that you can wipe their bottom should the need arise. My beautiful girl looked at me through tears and said: “You’re never gonna want to have sex with me again!” I told her not to be silly. That was not nearly as bad as the nose blowing. She didn’t find that funny.

In all seriousness though, I consider myself lucky to be the one that comforts her and cares for her basic needs while she can’t. I have capable hands and a more-than-willing spirit. Then there’s the love I have for her that knows no boundaries, that can’t be dissuaded by temporary inconveniences; the passion I have for her that won’t be extinguished by human bodily functions.

I married a woman that makes me better than I am, happier than I’ve ever been, and more passionate than I imagined I could be. I’m happy and proud to hold her coffee cup to her lips and tilt gently to give her a sip. The only thing that I’ll let burn those lips is my kiss.