Honestly, you can’t see the entire Miami in just two days, but we’ll try to give you a delicious sample of what this city has to offer. Use this guide if you want to spend full and fun 48 hours in Miami and get a nibble of everything that makes it so special. Here’s an easy and stress-free itinerary to follow. 

Morning, day 1 

In Miami, it’s best to start your day at the beach. You can hit the famous South Beach and soak up all the sights and sounds of this magical place. Go straight to the heart of Ocean Road and enjoy a swirl of neon lights, pumping music, interesting architecture and amazing sidewalk cafés. You can grab a table and get your iced coffee, but it’s best to spend your time strolling along this strip. When you get hungry, visit one of the eateries like La Sendwicherie and order their enormous sandwich in a baguette. No matter if you’re used to long things, this sandwich will be a challenge to swallow! 

Afternoon, day 1

Continue your day on the right note by getting to know the city. If you’re a bit lazy to explore on your own, book one of the many Miami sightseeing tours and you’ll get an experienced guide to keep you informed about every site you pass. These tours are affordable for every wallet, yet offer great insight into the city. You’ll get great tips on where to ear, what to see on your own and where to party like crazy later in the day!  

Evening, day 1

Dining in Miami is everything, so hit South Beach and find a fancy restaurant to get an amazing experience. In Miami, you can find everything your stomach ever wanted from sushi in Pubbelly Sushi to pizza in Lucali and seafood in The Local House. If you want something truly exclusive and elevated, you can visit Stubborn Seed and order their tasting menu where you can try a plethora of classics and seasonal creations. Once you get full and ready to drink, visit The Broken Shaker for some craft cocktails and a taste of Miami’s laidback lifestyle (make sure to get one of those giant bowls of tasty cocktails). 

Finish the day at a nightclub, one of the essential parts of Miami culture. And since the queer community is so big, expect to find a lot of gay clubs where you can drink, dance and have a blast with friends and strangers. For the best and gayest night out, visit Twist, a two-story building with several bars, a few dance floors, and more boys than you can imagine. 

Morning, day 2

Once again, start your day at the beach so the sun can cure your hangover. You can visit the very tip of Miami Beach at South Pointe Park and watch cruise ships, lay in the sand, walk the pier and have breakfast in the park. If you want a different kind of fun, visit the famous 12th Street Gay Beach. 

Afternoon, day 2

Sure, every city in the world has an art district, but Wynwood is not your average area spackled with murals and galleries. Almost every building in this neighborhood is covered with stunning art created by world-class artists. Its center is definitely Wynwood Walls, a gallery of murals you’ll never forget. Many artists like Shepard Fairey and Eduardo Kobra have displayed their work in this free rotating gallery. 

Evening, day 2 

Grab dinner as you go, but make sure to end your Miami adventure in Little Havana. Once you enter Calle Ocho, you’ll see that the music on this strip never stops and wherever you turn, you can hear a moving salsa beat. In most cases, the sound is coming from Ball & Chain, an iconic spot in Calle Ocho with non-stop live music. If you’re unsure about your dance moves and how to approach Latino boys or girls, drink a few mojitos first to help with confidence. 

48 hours is definitely enough for you to fall in love with Miami. The city is wild yet faithful and it will wait for you to come back and finish what you started.