Stress and anxiety are the Jafar and the Ursula of our society – two of the biggest villains there are. So, it is our job, as the heroes of our own lives, to fight them off using everything that we can. Believe it or not, one such weapon is home decor, so if you have always liked to decorate your home or if you’ve ever spent more than two hours in IKEA, and at the same time you’re suffering from stress and anxiety – this method might just be right for you. Take a look at some of the ways in which you can relieve stress and anxiety while still taking care of the way your home looks.

Give your green thumb something to do

The best way to work on your stress and anxiety is to actually try and take care of several plants. Having plants in your house is a must, as not only does it make your house much more interesting, comfortable, and cozy, but it can also give you a certain sense of importance as well. Taking care of plants and flowers is an amazing thing that can be very rewarding. The good thing is that you can browse through several types of plants: for example, if you’re a beginner, you can always opt for low-maintenance house plants and see how that goes. Picking out flower pots and arranging the flowers will definitely do you good.

Keep it artsy on the walls

One thing that will help you deal with your stress is expressing your artistic skills in a positive way. As far as home decor is concerned, one way to do that is by figuring out what kind of art you want on your walls. Having plain white walls is the best possible way as it will give you the freedom to do whatever you want with them. If you want to express your artistic skills, you can always opt for painting and coloring the walls or making a mural or graffiti, or enriching them with nice pieces of art. You don’t have to use paintings, though, as there are plenty of good examples of posters that you can frame and put on your walls too. In order to save some time, there is the possibility of buying artwork online and having it delivered to your home address. Browse through many different examples and find the one that would look good in your home.

Lighting matters

The light that you have in your house can definitely make or break your mood. Having the right lighting can not only affect your sleep (which can furthermore affect your day), but it can also make your house much more comfortable and cozier. So, your goal is to have plenty of daylight. However, since this is sometimes a bit difficult to achieve, you can try and find lamps that emit light that resembles natural light in the best possible way. It would also be a good idea to incorporate as many different types of lighting as you can and thus, always having the option to choose the one that fits your mood the best – LED lights, bright lights, dim lights… all of these will come in handy once.

Declutter to destress

Nobody likes a home that’s cluttered, or in other words, messy. This is something that can induce stress and anxiety, and a good therapy would be to declutter your home in such situations. Also, if your home is constantly clean and neat, the chances of you feeling bad are lower. A minimalist approach to your home decor is something that can actually have quite a positive effect on your mood and your mental state, so it’s something to have in mind the next time you want to make a mess.


Fighting off stress and anxiety is something that for sure sounds easier said than done, but it’s not impossible. One way to deal with it is by spending a lot of time and effort to decorating your house in the way that you want to. You will express yourself, take care of your house, and deal with the villains that stress and anxiety are. Good luck!