Isn’t it annoying that almost 90% of the fashion advice on the internet is for women only, and the other 10% on how to dress smartly for your next interview? It is almost impossible for us, men, to find any article on how to dress properly to impress the people we meet daily in the streets, and look dapper and casual at the same time. If you think that your look is either boring or perhaps, too much, take a look at these tips that will make your style a bit edgier:

Minimalism is the main ingredient

It’s not for nothing that they say “less is more.” The first rule, if you want to look elegant and chic, is to go with minimalistic patterns or designs. Choosing a plain white t-shirt and combining it with cool jeans and a very nice leather jacket will look great on you, especially if you have accessories to spice things up. Always choose simple, one-color t-shirts or shirts, and, if you perhaps want a pattern, go for a simpler one. Flashy and colorful tees will only complicate your combination, which will increase the chances of you ending up looking ridiculous. However, if you choose something more minimalistic, it will be easier for you to create an awesome look. With simple tees, choose simple jeans – so no stains, stripes or emblems on them. Either plain or gently ripped – that will do the job.

Accessorize, but not too much

Scarves are very passé, so never go with them. If you want to accessorize (and you definitely should a bit), a classy watch is a must. Choose a leather one – it looks great on any occasion. If you add a simple bracelet next to the watch, your hand will look even better. If you feel comfortable wearing rings, go for it, but don’t overdo it! One, two rings tops will be more than enough. Also, there is an abundance of men necklaces that you can choose from, so choosing one to go with your plain t-shirt is a great thing to do.

Layers make clothes more interesting

Don’t be afraid to add extra layers to your clothes, since there’s not a better way to make a dull look more interesting. For example, a brown sweater and a regular t-shirt underneath it and no accessories is the description of a ’’dull look’’, no matter how beautiful or expensive the sweater is. However, if you have a shirt under the sweater – it’s a completely different story. Similarly, if you have a white tee and just a jacket over it, it’s not the same as having the same t-shirt, a longer cardigan and a jacket on top of it. If you follow the first tip and keep everything minimalistic, you won’t have a problem combining anything.

Footwear, footwear

You have no idea how many bad first impressions you will leave if you wear dirty and messy shoes. And it’s not difficult to have proper footwear – white (clean!) sneakers always do the work, and so do classy brown shoes or nice boots. However, if you want an edgier look, you can also choose the classic Birkenstock shoes – you can pull them off. Pair them up with a very simple t-shirt and skinny high-ankle jeans, and there you go.

Final touch – a bag!

You really shouldn’t put all of your possessions in your pockets. It’s not comfortable, AND it looks very bad. When it comes to your bag – always choose a leather (or faux leather) one. This will complete your outfit in the best way possible. You can wear your slick leather bag on your shoulder or in your hands – whichever way you find more comfortable. If, however, you don’t feel comfortable at all carrying a men’s bag, go for a leather backpack. Just remember – always match the color of your bag or backpack with the color of your leather shoes.

Ta-da! So guys, follow these tips and your outfit will be on point – edgy, classy yet very, very cool. Be creative, try new looks and match as many things as you can. You’ll be surprised by all the different things you can achieve if you have the right clothes.