Getting yourself to exercise can always be difficult, depending on the level of sportiness that you actually possess. For some people, it might be easier, for others, not so much, but one thing is certain – we’re not the same and we always have to find new ways to motivate ourselves. However, what’s with people who suffer from depression? Even though you might think that this is not such a serious issue, it’s not a laughing matter, as it can get quite serious. Now, if you’re dealing from depression (which we recommend getting professional help for), and you still want to exercise – here’s how. This will not only be good for your body but for your mental state as well:

Start small

It’s always like this in life – you cannot expect to jump into something and immediately take control over it. Starting small is what makes everyone perfect, and of course, there will be certain bumps along the way. This is why you shouldn’t expect to get up every morning motivated to go to the gym – no. But start small. First, make sure that you get yourself that membership and get clothes. Buying gym clothes can motivate you to work out, and after that, allocate a couple of days a week when you will go and work out.

Find a gym buddy

Some things are better done when you have company, and if you’re suffering from depression, then working out is one of those things. Ask a friend who you already know goes to the gym, and ask them to join. If not, you can always find a friend who wants to start working out (as we all have that friend who wants to start working out but cannot get themselves to do it) and get a gym membership together. Gym buddies are always good for motivation, and in your case, they might help you feel better about yourself and forget about your problems.

Try home workouts

Another way in which you can get yourself to exercise is by working out at home. Perhaps you really don’t feel well leaving your living room or exercising among people who are completely fit, but you can always find certain workouts that are home-friendly. For example, you can buy equipment that you will always use, such as Pilates balls, weights and dumbbells or one of the best Assault air bikes that will not only make your workout more interesting, but effective as well. Apart from exercising at home, you can always schedule morning jogs a couple of times a week. 

Keep track of your success

When you have depression, it’s very important to visualize your success and your performance. That is why it’s very advisable to keep track of your progress. There are many apps that do this, so you can either use their perks, or you can go old-school and write all the exercises that you’re doing on a piece of paper. After a couple of weeks, you will see that the number of your push-ups will increase and the size of your waist will get smaller. And this is when you will realize that the effort that you put into this was fruitful, which is always very rewarding.

Give yourself a break

Finally, no matter what you do and no matter how you choose to motivate yourself to exercise, don’t be hard on yourself. Sometimes you will miss your workout, and that’s fine. Other times you will probably overeat and feel bad because of the dietary plan for your workouts, and that is also okay. These things happen, so it’s important and healthy to give yourself a break from time to time. 


Depression can be a tricky little bastard, but it’s our job not to pay attention to it and do whatever it takes to be happier. Exercising is always important, so make sure to try out these tips and you will see the difference. The most important rule is never to be ashamed and always be proud.