Being fashionable is not a luxury anymore; it’s a lifestyle. And since one of our main goals is to live up to the expectations and be stylish gay people, it’s imperative to know how to embrace the latest fashion trends. This might be a bit challenging if you don’t follow the latest fashion and what’s being worn on the runway, but don’t worry as I will try and help you out. Spring is just around the corner, which means more time spent outside and showing your outfit to more people. Here’s how to stay fashionable in the months to come:

Know what’s like for each season

Not knowing what’s stylish for each season and wearing the wrong pieces of clothing during the wrong seasons is a big fashion sin. So this spring make sure that you wear breathable clothing. My choice during spring always falls on flannel shirts and cotton chinos – these are still quite comfortable as it’s easier to move when it’s hot, and more importantly, it’s always fashionable. Leave the shorts and crop tops (if you’re bold enough) for summer though, as there’s nothing worse than wearing summer clothes during spring. It’s not THAT hot yet, is it?

Suit up

I’m a huge fan of suits, and I think that every single guy out there, regardless of his sexual preferences, should have at least one fashionable suit that he will rock on formal events. What I also tend to do is look for good, tailored suits every time I go abroad. Australian tailors, for example, really know what they’re doing, so every time I’m here, I take a look at fashionable men’s suits in Sydney and buy whichever I like the most. Not only can I wear these at formal events as already said, but I pair it with sneakers and T-shirts and rock my athleisure style which is huge at the moment.

Layering can be quite fashionable

This might not be the right style for the upcoming spring, but then again, there will undoubtedly be fall-like days in April and May as well. This is why you should always opt for layering, as it gives your outfit a certain amount of depth and can make your style edgier. How to properly layer? Well, for spring, I always choose a good shirt or a thin jumper that’s appropriate for spring, and always put my favourite denim or leather jacket on top. This is one way of layering, and a perfect one for spring if I may add. You can also opt for shirts and blazers, and even trench coats if you’re bold enough.

Have classic pieces

Nothing is impossible if you have some of the classic pieces in your wardrobe. Apart from having plain white, black and gray tees that you can combine with practically everything, make sure to have a couple of pairs of jeans that are high-quality and look good on you. As Lana Del Rey says – blue jean ns, white shirt. It was fashionable during James Dean’s time, and it’s still fashionable today. For other occasions, you have to have elegant and breathable shirts. They might seem as an ordinary piece of clothing, but it’s amazing in how many ways you can combine them to look very dapper and quite cool.

Accessories for the end

Accessories can either make or break your final look. Be that as it may, it’s always very advisable to make your outfit more interesting with an accessory or two. For me, the safest option is a good watch – I have plenty of them that I change depending on the combination I’m wearing. If I’m rocking athleisure, I might wear a sports watch, while at formal events, I wear either my golden Casio or an elegant watch. Furthermore, don’t forget about the bags. You might think you don’t need them, but it’s always better to have a leather backpack where you will put your things rather than carrying them around in your pocket.

The key is to believe in yourself and wear whatever you want without the fear of looking ridiculous. If it’s fashionable – be brave.