Some of the best parties we’ve ever been at have been gay housewarming parties. These usually include a very impressive walk-through, plenty of familiar and new faces and a great atmosphere all around. However, don’t you dare show up empty-handed because you’ll be black-listed from all future parties for sure. If you don’t know what to get for your favorite gay couple’s new home, here are a few ideas that will definitely surprise all queers: 

Robot vacuum

No matter if gay, lesbian or straight, no couple likes to spend their free time cleaning the house. So provide your fave couple with a break from chores with a helpful robot vacuum cleaner. While they walk their dog outside or go on a relaxing brunch, their robot cleaner will do all the boring work and sweep (and even mop) the house. And no matter how specific their home aesthetic is, a robot vacuum will fit right in. 

Personalized serving set

If your gay couple is famous for their legendary dinner parties, then you know what to do—get them a new personalized serving set. Try to find a set that contains different pieces like a custom serving and chopping board, engraved tongs and plenty of different small dishes for salads, dips and spices. This set is guaranteed to come out of the cupboard at their next dinner party! 

A new green addition to the family

Today, we’re having a true gay plant-parent pandemic. Having plenty of beautiful plants has become sort of a “gay thing” today, so your new house owners must be rushing to fill their new home with some greenery. In that case, opt for a nice tall plant to serve as a statement piece or grab plenty of small succulents for them to turn into a table centerpiece. And did you know that in some places, you can ever order plants online and get them delivered? Services that deliver plant gifts in Sydney can make your housewarming gift much more practical to transport. Whether you opt for a big tree or something small and fragile, plant delivery will ensure a safe arrival and a nice little surprise for your gay couple, because who doesn’t like unexpected deliveries? 

An elegant flower vase

For some reason, many people forget to get a vase for their homes, which is something they only realize when they get flowers. To save your gay friends from having to keep their bouquets in a tall glass or big jar (embarrassing), provide them with a nice minimalist vase. They are guaranteed to use it the same day, as soon as the rest of the guests start coming in with their flowers! 

A classy coffee table book

Is there anything classier than a book that just serves class, elegance and high education? A smart coffee table book is the fastest way for your gays to impress their visitors. And make sure to choose a subject that’s close to your gift recipients’ hearts: if they are into fashion, then a 2004 Tom Ford classic can be a great idea. Those into art will appreciate any collection of Annie Leibovitz’s photos, and science gays will love their new The Space Shuttle book about NASA’s missions. Anything about queer history and struggles is a good gift for a gay couple and a reminder that we still have a long way to go. 

A cocktail kit

Today, it’s totally understandable if LGBTQ+ people choose to start their days with a nice cocktail, because just look at what’s happening around us. Well, with a pro cocktail kit, you can make your favorite couple’s cocktails at least 50% better and 100% more fabulous. Shakers, strainers and crushers all add a ton of pizzazz to any drink, which is not a must, but it’s also definitely a must. If you want to go big with your present, create a full-on bar for your gay friends, with a drink cart, cocktail kits, personalized glasses, and decanters. 

Coffee mugs with personality

Nothing gets the morning going like a fresh cup of coffee in your hand. Consider gifting your favorite couple a set of unique coffee mugs. Not only do they serve a practical purpose, they can also be an extension of one’s personality. Whether adorned with a playful graphic, a witty statement, or simply sleek and sophisticated, the right set of mugs can easily elevate their morning coffee ritual. Besides, coffee mugs are versatile – they can be used for tea, hot chocolate, or even as pen holders or tiny plant pots! They’d be a delightful addition to a beautiful kitchen.

Gay couples might be hard to shop for, but these gay housewarming gifts are truly vers and perfect for any new house.