Every year many fun Halloween events are hosted all over the world. These kind of events have a huge following and people collect in herds to attend the Halloween themed events. But this year, people have been skeptical regarding the Halloween parties and the confirmation of these kind of events even in the present scenario has made people extremely happy and hopeful for a great Halloween.

What is Halloween?

Halloween is an annual public holiday celebrated on October 31. The tradition of Halloween comes from Samhain, which was a Celtic festival where people wore costumes and lit bonfires to ward off ghosts when the boundary between the living and the dead is blurred. The day was the end of summer and harvest and the beginning of a cold winter. In the 8th Century, Pope Gregory designated Nov 1 for honouring saints and called it the all Saints Day incorporating some of the traditions from Samhain. Over time, Halloween evolved into trends like Trick or treats, Jack-o-lanterns, etc.

Halloween in America

Halloween used to be restricted to colonial Britain and more so because of the rigid beliefs of the protestants. As the beliefs of these European ethnicities and Americans evolved and meshed, Halloween was adopted by the Americans giving birth to a more American form of the festival involving parties, sharing stories, singing and celebrating the harvest. Later in the 19th century, an influx of immigrants into America led to further popularization and adoption of Halloween.

Halloween Trends

Influence by Europeans, the Americans started to dress up for Halloween. But they also started going to other people’s houses and asking for candy. This started the “trick-or-treat” tradition which further promoted by candy companies that derive more than a quarter of their annual sales. Candy companies have leverage Halloween to grow their business into big brands. Later Halloween grew into a day where neighbours would get together and discuss ghosts and do pranks on each other. This later led to parades and big Halloween parties directed towards the younger population.

Halloween Parties Now

This year’s most Halloween parties will be outdoors with special care for health and safety precautions. While most Halloween parties are being modified to accommodate the situation, many event places have put in a lot of effort to host their parties. The capacity will also be limited and reservations will be required along with a mandate for masks and social distancing.