Obviously, you should read this whole article but you only need remember four words: get the tasting menu.

Rahi (meaning traveler in Hindi) boasts ‘artisanal Indian’ cuisine and lives up to it’s name—by appealing to the travelers among us with heightened expectations and by letting you take a culinary journey.

The dining room and bar operate under the watchful eye of Roni Mazumdar, restaurateur, and proffer delicacies crafted by Chef Chintan Pandya.

Chef comes from a Michelin-star background and Rahi doesn’t let down chef’s fans. Tucked away in Greenwich Village, Rahi honors the artistic and welcoming traditions of the Village with playful, energetic murals and thoughtful design.

Dishes are inspired by traditional Indian fare but feature local produce, modern twists, and careful composition. If you can tolerate the ambiguity, you will not go wrong by allowing the exceedingly capable service staff of selecting your tasting menu and libations.

The bar offers a dizzying (figuratively—well, if you overindulge perhaps literally, too) array of cocktails. It’s well worth leaving your comfort zone and liberally sampling the mixologist’s creations. They, somehow, complement rather than overpower the incredible cuisine the kitchen pumps into the dining room.

Your meal starts with a delightful amuse-bouche Chef Pandya designs as a transition to the start of your meal.

You, at the time, wish there was more, but you’re pleased when there isn’t because there will be so much more food headed your way—definitely want to come hungry for food and experience.

Some highlights to consider if you decline to do the tasting, would be:

The Dani Chili Paneer with a ridiculously flavorful guava compote.

Edamame Artichoke Chaat is light and refreshing and the spinach chips offer a really satisfying crunch.

6 Chili 5 Spice Cauliflower is fantastically spicy. Chef has found the perfect line between being too hot, and thus unenjoyable, and just hot enough to let all the spices shine through. Maybe someone needs to do a Mission:Impossible-style recipe liberation from chef’s notebook.

Kasundi Prawn is a savory masterpiece with a delicate balance of flavors—something the chili-garlic chutney mention on the menu makes a little unexpected.

Mangalorean Duck is what all Indian food aspires to and misses. This is a symphony of contrasts—sweet and spicy, soft and crunch, delicate and bold—that will have you combing back.

Make sure you don’t neglect getting some roti or naan with your meal—the seemingly simple breads are fresh, savory, and delicious.

Yes, you’ll need to save some room for dessert here too.