A quick flash of that smile, those abs, or even a small fleeting moment of flirtation, and you’re his. He knows it, you know it, and there’s nothing you can do about it really. There’s just one problem: he’s straight. Or claims to be at least…

But you just know he’s into guys right? I mean, what kind of ‘straight’ guy would flirt with a gay guy for no reason?

Well, you’re right; he isn’t doing it for no reason. You just have to figure out what that reason is. Now, he could be a little curious, he could even have a thing for you, but there could be another reason: gay-baiting.

Sometimes, straight men will use a gay man’s attraction towards him for his own gain when he really has no intention of anything going any further. It could be something like “oops I forgot my wallet, can you spot me?” or “hey can you type this report for me? I totally forgot it’s due in 2 hours and I promised I’d be at my bro’s party.” Then he flashes you those abs, gives you a wink, and all of a sudden you’re hypnotized. Next thing you know you’re grammar checking, wondering how you let this happen while he’s getting twerked on by some drunk chick. Well, it’s nothing to be ashamed of really. We’ve all played the fool for an insanely hot straight guy once or twice. Many guys (including myself) fell prey to Nick Jonas. Nick recorded his album and realized he might have needed a larger fan base than the teenage girls who knew him from his Jonas Brothers fame. So he turned to the gays. He started popping up in gay bars all over just to show off his perfect body, plug his album or show, and off he went; gay-baiting at its finest. And it certainly worked for him. His album debuted at number 6 on the Billboard Top 200, which isn’t too bad, and his show, Kingdom, got picked up for a second season.

Now, on the scale of 1 to total injustice, gay-baiting is really just a minor annoyance but if you happen to be a constant victim of it, then I’m sorry to say that only you can put a stop to it. You have to recognize when you’re just being baited and give a friendly but firm sorry…but no. You can do it. Just remember the mission and don’t get blinded by the gorgeousness. Good luck!