When you fall in love . . . It is the most beautiful feeling. At that very moment, you wouldn’t even think about splitting up or separating. With that said, there are situations that can lead to heartbreak. When a guy turns his back on a relationship–there are myriad reasons.

Although not often talked about, men bid adieu on the regular. It is not that women don’t do it; here we are just focusing on the reasons why men leave relationships or don’t commit at all.

Let us take a look at the reasons below in an attempt to figure out a man’s psyche:

1. Not the idealized partner: We all toss around images in our brain on the ideal qualities a potential partner should possess. Well, if you don’t have one, you should start the introspecting and envisioning process now. Your image, most likely, would have these qualities; humorous, jolly, handsome/beautiful, humble, stable, and much more. With so many characteristics in the queue, if the current partner does not adhere to some of them; he wouldn’t commit to the relationship.

2. A hangover of the past relationship: The majority of times, the ghost of past relationships is what makes a person hesitant before entering a new relationship. For someone like me, I have been craving a boyfriend ever since my last one left me for another guy. It took me years to finally get over my past and say ‘yes’ to my current love. Likewise, there are many men out there who wouldn’t jump into a new relationship because they are still not over their ex.

3. Fear of satisfying: The fear of satisfying a partner is one of the biggest psychological problems men encounter when entering a new relationship. Will I be able to satisfy him? What if I am not able to make him happy? Will he judge me? These are some of the problems that prompt men to take a step back before embarking on a new relationship. These are some of the reasons why men take a lot of steps in an attempt to please their partner. Wearing tempting men’s underwear, cooking good food, planning dates, and more. All are all part of the same.

4. Stress: Who doesn’t have stress in today’s world? Everyone has to deal with their share of stress at work, home, among friends, and others. Some men feel overexerted when they lose a job, or something unfortunate happens at their workplace; because of these daily inconveniences, they simply aren’t prepared to commit. Unless the partner is strong enough to deal, the man himself wouldn’t date a partner who cannot be supportive and understanding.

These are the reasons which keep men away from committing to their partners. Do you have any other reasons? Do let us know in the comments below.