Instagram has become one of the most frequently used apps to meet people or to hook up–especially in the LGBTQIA+ community. I am completely guilty of this. Instagram makes you feel how should I put this…less dirty about looking online for your next “boo.” It also eases the task of looking to see if you’re attracted to said individual and finding out what kinds of things they’re into.

This week Instagram came out with an update that lets you have landscape and portrait pictures–without having to resize them to fit into their square format.  Now instead of having to download an app to upload all your full shot selfies, you can do it all with one click and get rid of those god-awful borders surrounding your masterpiece.

With that said, I decided to delve into a similar topic. Curating your Instagram. Now your profile and all your pictures are all little glimpses into your life, it’s essentially your brand. What you put on there is going to broadcast to the Internet who you are as a person (in a somewhat shallow way, yes, but this is the Internet, what did you expect?) now there are a few do’s and don’ts to better improve the look and feel of your profile.

  1. Delete every picture that’s a collage. Delete the collage app. I understand you want everyone to see the great pics you took with four different drag queens at the show last night. However, better than a collage: post them individually. People will be able to clearly see you out and about without having to squint or screenshot it and zoom into it and above all it just looks better on your profile to have single clear pictures. If you’re a little hesitant about blowing your feed up or posting more than say 4-5 pictures in 10 minutes DON’T be–look if Drake can post seventeen pictures of last night’s rendezvous, then, honey, so can you.
  2. Choose a color/filter theme. When people see the grid view of your Instagram, there should be an overlying color theme to the pictures you post for example if you like cool tones to most of your pictures or say you feel a certain filter makes you look better then stay consistent to that with the rest of your pictures. In general, two or three preferred filters are normal–providing they’re not on complete opposites of the color spectrum.
  3. Use the grid when editing your pictures. It’s pleasing to the eye when you view a picture and the subject is centered so try making you sure either you or your dish or drink pictured are in the center of your picture.
  4. If you want a picture of your outfit or you out with friends DON’T be shy or hesitant to ask someone to take it for you. It looks more professional and your audience gets a better view of you and your surroundings when the picture is a full shot.
  5. Don’t ever add stamps or write on the picture. Just don’t do it, please. It takes away from the entire photograph. It’s tacky, and most times the caption can and will say everything you need to say about a certain picture.

Five tips have been given, now go forth and curate thou Insta.

Disclaimer: Author is in no way shape or form an expert on Instagram and barely has 300 followers.