Dealing with acne isn’t a problem only teenagers have to tackle, as it can first appear even in your late twenties. Believe it or not, acne can bother you until you’re in your fifties, which is why learning how to fight this dermatological problem early on is of great importance. From regulating my diet to paying more attention to how I cleanse my face, and even going to in-salon treatments, I’m happy to inform you that dealing with adult acne can be successful and here’s how you can do it in only a few steps.

Pick healthier food

The choice of foods we eat has a huge impact on the look of our skin. Namely, people whose diet is rich in carbohydrates are more likely to end up with breakouts, so think well about the types of food you’ve been enjoying lately. Making fresh fruits and veggies rich in antioxidants such as dark berries, grapes, tomatoes and beetroot the main part of my diet, alongside plenty of water, made my way to acne-free skin so much easier. Start gradually increasing your daily intake of water until you reach ten glasses a day, and make sure you stay at that amount, so your skin will stay hydrated from the inside and look plump and glowing on the outside.

Step up your skincare routine

A thorough face cleanse essential for acne-free skin. Only after you remove all the dirt and grime from your face will your face be able to breathe and not end up with breakouts. Even the slightest amount of oils and dead skin cells can wreak havoc on your skin, so it’s vital that you wash, exfoliate and use acne treatments that contain 3% sulphur and poly-hydroxy acids to unclog your pores and reduce redness. This is especially important if you have facial hair because it tends to collect plenty of dirt throughout the day. A facial cleanser will cleanse your beard and your skin nicely, and you can even use a blackhead extraction tool to unclog your pores.

Look for effective anti-acne products

Whether it’s a gel, a cream or an ointment, various anti-acne products are available over the counter for different types of acne. Make sure you look for acne products that contain mandelic acid and salicylic acid because those ingredients will successfully fight acne. Tea tree oil is a natural remedy that can also relieve some of the acne on your face but may not be the permanent solution if you have a severe condition of cystic acne. Apply anti-acne product on your face with a clean cotton bud without pressing too hard. Try not to cause breaking out in the problematic area, or you’ll only make the condition worse.

Go to an in-salon treatment

Even though men don’t talk about it as much as women do, but they still visit facial salons from time to time, so you shouldn’t feel silly about paying a visit to the nearest salon either. Not only will you relax and take your mind off everyday worries during that one-hour long treatment, but your skin will benefit a lot from various treatments such as microdermabrasion, cream masks, and LED light therapy. Look for one of the best local salons that address acne problems and improve the overall condition of your skin.

Visit a dermatologist

Finally, if even after all the cleansing, a regulated diet and carefully picked out anti-acne products your face still doesn’t feel and look better, you should consider paying a visit to a dermatologist. They will be able to prescribe you antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications for lessening the redness, as well as retinoid-based medications to unclog pores. Those medications will be necessary unless over the counter medicine help you.

Final thoughts

If you’ve thought only teenagers had the problem of fighting irritated skin and acne – think again. Acne can trouble you even when you’re an adult, all the way until you’re in your 50s. So, if you’ve had trouble keeping your skin acne-free, make sure you try some of the aforementioned tips and you’ll quickly notice a remarkable improvement.