If you just moved to your new space, it probably doesn’t feel like home just yet. Well, then it’s time for a small gay makeover! The aim of every home is to be comfortable and full of love and warmth so it’s necessary to add a few cozy items into your space. Here’s how every gay couple can boost coziness and make their house into a home:

Get a rug

For some reason, many modern homes are left without a rug. Sure, it’s easier to clean when you don’t have a rug, but without it, your place will look unfinished and cold. To cozy up your home and ensure your partner’s toes stay toasty, go looking for small area rugs for your living room, dining room and bedroom. If you want to have a space that’s cozy yet different, consider layering your rugs and creating a 100% unique look. Plus, if you love that Boho interior style, enrich your rug with a throw pillow or two and you can boost the seating in your home instantly. 

Soften up your lighting

No matter what you’re doing in your home—watching TV, having friends over, getting frisky with your partner—it requires soft and relaxing lighting. Your overhead lighting is great for tasks and general illumination, but lamps are where the comfort comes from. Add a free-standing lamp to your living room, a small touch lamp to your hallway and warm hanging pendants to your bedroom. These lighting layers will add not only warm up your space, but your style as well. 

Tons of blankets and pillows

Nothing boosts comfort as much as soft blankets and pillows. If you and your partner love to cuddle in front of the TV, then a knitted throw blanket and a few matching pillows will fit smoothly into your interior. Or you can go with accent pillows that will add a pop of color to your space, and don’t hesitate to experiment with different sizes and shapes. If you love to sleep in on the weekends, check out premium weighted blankets online and get the best sleep of your life. These blankets reduce stress and anxiety and get you into a deep, uninterrupted sleep all night long. It’s not the wildest and craziest addition to your space, but if you crave quality rest, these cozy elements are a must. 

LGBTQ+ art

Your home should be your gay safe space, so make sure to add a few LGBTQ+ themed art pieces that will show everyone your pride. Today, you can find a lot of gay art, from explicit Tom of Finland prints to very subtle, cute and romantic nods to the queer community. Depending on what fits with your lifestyle and interior design, you can always find a spot for a rainbow print, gay-themed cross-stitch pattern or maybe an old-school poster with queer vibes. If you don’t want your apartment to scream “gay!” but still have some elements of your lifestyle, these wall decorations will do the trick. 

Add plants and flowers

Gays are obsessed with plants and flowers, so if you didn’t get the memo, it’s high time you became a plant parent and adopted a few potted green buddies. Plants always make the space lively and welcoming and they add so much comfort and peace to any room. You can go big and bold with one large plant like Monstera or fern and scatter a few smaller ones across the place (inch plants, snake plants and spider plants are very easy to take care of). For a pop of color, you can set up a nice handmade vase and fill it with fresh flowers each week. It’s a great surprise for your loved one and a gift you can both enjoy. 

These tips will not break your bank, but they will break that cold and rigid vibe in your space. Use the ideas above to make your space warm, cozy and gayer than ever!