Relationships and love are beautiful things. Everyone needs companionship but sometimes we stay in broken relationships either out of fear of hurting someone, fear of being alone, or you just don’t know that what you’re holding on to is toxic. Well, I’m here to help open your eyes a bit with 5 ways you can be sure it’s time to call it a day on your relationship.

  1. Things get physical: And not in a good way. Now you may be saying this point is a given but there are still plenty of people who stay in abusive relationships. There’s also a very damaging concept that there’s no such thing as abuse in a gay or lesbian relationship because you both have a “fair advantage” whereas if a man hit a woman it’s unfair. Listen, abuse is abuse in whatever kind of relationship it is. Let it go.
  2. You cry more than you laugh: It’s totally okay to get angry at your partner. It’s even okay to shed a tear or two over them but when most of your memories together involve numerous accounts of hurt feelings and ugly crying then it’s time to move on. Remember relationships are about love and closeness, not Kleenex and Visine.
  3. The sex has died: Let me be clear when I say sex is NOT the most important thing in a relationship. But sex is intimacy, which is important. If the sex between you two has become horribly lackluster or has just stopped, it could be an indication that there’s no more attraction there. That can lead one of, or both of, you cheating to get the intimacy that you’re missing. So just call it off; maybe you’d be better off as friends anyway.
  4. You’re not the same anymore: People change. Sometimes it sucks, sometimes it’s great but people change. Growth is supposed to happen in a relationship but what happens when one of you grow as a person and the other doesn’t? Well, you start to look at each other differently. You and your partner used to go clubbing together all the time and now you just want to stay home and cook a meal rather than getting diarrhea from Taco Bell. As much as you don’t want to admit it, you’re just on two different pages and it’s time to end it.
  5. You’re just not happy anymore: If you’re not happy with things then you change them right? Not happy with your job; get a new one. Not happy with that Taco Bell you’re eating; get some Chipotle. The same thing goes for your relationship, if you’re not happy then you can either try to fix it or leave. The whole reason you’re even in a relationship is because your S.O. made you feel loved, wanted, and HAPPY. If you realize you’re not anymore and haven’t been for awhile then you have to decide whether it’s something you want to work on with your partner or if it’s just time to watch the last sunset.

Relationships take work but you have to know what’s worth the work and what’s not. Pulling the plug doesn’t make you a quitter, it just means you’re smart enough to know there’s something better out there for you and you’re brave enough to go after it.