Please, feel free to sing the title to the theme of “Pinkie & the Brain,” as we are also trying to take over the world.

All jokes aside, I hope you’re ready for some politics that aren’t necessarily politically correct. While Bernie Sanders has some very powerful, great views on economics, the billionaire class, incarceration, and free education, we’re going to focus on his long-standing support of the LGBTQIA+ community.  

While it’s true that in the 2016 election, every Democratic candidate is (supposedly) pro-gay rights, Bernie has a certain ethos that no other candidate has. He voted against the Defense of Marriage Act in the 1990s, and even before then he supported LGBTQIA+ rights when he ran for Congress in 1988.  In the letter below, he speaks out against the limitations on homosexual people during the Nixon administration.


Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both refused to speak in favor of gay rights until as early as 2000, while Bernie has been supporting us since the early 1970’s- when that article was released. It’s important to know that Bernie hasn’t changed his views on equal rights. He supported the Employment Non-Discrimination Act in 2013, he congratulated Barack Obama when he took a pro-gay rights stance, and he regularly reminds the public about his passionate views. I recently attended his speech in Los Angeles, along with 27,000 other people, and even then he called attention to gay rights and human rights in general.

This article isn’t meant to bash other political candidates, but more so to highlight Bernie Sanders and to draw attention from the LGBT+ community. The major media and news stations are trying their hardest to ignore Sanders, and since they refuse to display him to the public (along with many other political allies), it’s our job to educate ourselves and each other. It is my personal belief that a vote for Sanders is a vote for change, but the most I ask of anyone is to give Sanders a chance, as you would any other ally.