We’ve all had those moments where we go to the gym and spot the most perfectly sculpted human being on the planet. He takes your breath away and accidentally makes you run into a stranger. His squats are what you dream about and his biceps make your heart jump. Your mind begins to wonder and you have an entire conversation with yourself about the hottie at the gym. Here are 49 thoughts a gay guy has when he spots his gym boyfriend.

  1. Damn!
  2. Who is that?
  3. His biceps are huge!
  4. I want to lick them.
  5. No, that’s weird.
  6. It’s really not that weird. People do that…I think.
  7. I should probably stop staring at him.
  8. Actually, I should keep staring but pretend like I’m working out.
  9. Oh, this elliptical has the perfect view of my future husband.
  10. I hope I’m not being too obvious.
  11. Fuck it, who cares?
  12. I really want to cuddle with him.
  13. He looks like a good cuddler.
  14. Omg! He’s doing squats.
  15. Thank goodness for leg day!
  16. I seriously feel like his gym shorts are going to rip.
  17. I wouldn’t really mind that.
  18. Please rip. Please rip. Please rip.
  19. It’s not going to happen.
  20. Why does my life suck?
  21. Oh, he has friends.
  22. Very hot friends.
  23. How are people so sexy?
  24. Why do hotties travel in packs?
  25. Do they give each other “brojobs”?
  26. They definitely do.
  27. I want to be a part of your crew! Let me join.
  28. Watching them work out is way better than watching the news.
  29. My timing is perfect.
  30. I wonder if he comes here at the same time every day.
  31. I should come here at the same time tomorrow.
  32. That’s kind of creepy.
  33. I don’t want to look like a stalker.
  34. Oh god, he looked at me.
  35. What do I do?
  36. Should I smile?
  37. Should I wave?
  38. Maybe I should give him a head nod.
  39. Wait, false alarm. He was just looking for the water fountain.
  40. Why hasn’t he noticed me yet?
  41. He is probably straight.
  42. He is definitely straight.
  43. But what if he isn’t.
  44. What if we are meant to be.
  45. I think I’m in love.
  46. Hold up.
  47. Things are moving too fast.
  48. I need to leave.
  49. I’m definitely coming back tomorrow…at this exact time.