Whatever your sexuality, you have the right to enjoy a holiday without fear of being discriminated against because of who you’re attracted to. Unfortunately, there are some regions in the world that cannot provide this. For the safety and happiness of you and any other persons you’re abroad with, without having to hide who you really are, it’s best to avoid these locations.

There are some top tips you can follow when planning an LGBT-friendly holiday, which will ensure that you’ll turn up in a location that can make you feel assured and welcome in your own body and sexuality. Here are some key tips:

Research the local and national LGBT laws

This is probably the most obvious way of checking whether the holiday is appropriate for you and your party. You can usually do this with a quick google search. Whilst it shouldn’t be the case in the 21st Century, there are still some countries which actually have laws against homosexuality, so on the basis of safety, research is integral.

Passport Identity

If you identify as transgender, you should make sure that your passport is updated to your new name and gender, as if your new identity does not match your passport, this could create unwanted stresses at the airport should security need to question you further.

In the UK, at least, it is reasonably easy to change your gender on your passport. You just need to provide a document which can prove that the gender change is official in formal terms. However, you should do this well in advance of the holiday, in case the process takes a while.

Check For Local LGBT Businesses

For example, local gay bars. Although this does not necessarily prove that an area is entirely friendly towards the LGBT community, it does help to better indicate that there is greater acceptance locally. 

Most major first world cities are home to several LGBT owned businesses, whilst they are much more sparse in less populated areas, and in less tolerant countries and regions. This is something to think about before deciding where to book your holiday, but it does entirely depend on what you want to do on, and get out of, your holiday.

Consider The Pink Money Commercialisation

Pink Money is essentially the purchasing power of the LGBT community. Described in the dictionary, it is the financial ability to buy products and services. Many businesses actually target the LGBT audience, due to the huge value of pink money. In 2019, LGBT adults were said to have had a buying power of $3.7 billion. So, it’s important that you are aware both before your holiday, and on your holiday,  particularly if you’re in a popular LGBT destination, of the potential commercialisation of the community from businesses, which could result in you forking out more money than originally planned.


Wherever you decide for your destination, though, it’s important that you enjoy it and embrace the break from your everyday life. The best way to do this is by being your true self. You should never sign yourself up for a holiday because a location looks pretty, or because all of your mates want to go. Take the time to research the area and remember, avoiding a potentially dangerous holiday is much better than going on one in which risks your safety.