Every mythology in history has LGBTQIA+ characters, gods, people, etc. There was no distinction between normative and non-normative. Some just happen to be gay, others just happen to be transgender. Others just happen to like chocolate. Others just happen to listen to rock. Am I making my point? They were not LGBTQIA+; they were normal.

We are normal. The Greeks, the Romans, the Egyptians, the Norse, the Indus, etc. Everyone was normal. Every personality liked something different. When did we change that? It changed when we realized that the smart ones could manipulate the masses through ignorance and manipulation. That’s when. We shame our war veterans when all they did was protect our country and give us the right to be who we are.

Soon, we will have VCSB+ (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana flavored communities). Or we will have blue eyes with the brown eyes. At one point we had right handed and left handed. We also discriminate against short people and tall people. The biggest -ism right now is obesity. We call them fatties, lazy, etc.

We discriminate openly. We don’t care. Most of it is accepted because there have been no laws against gerontophobia, sizeism, poorism, apotemnophilia. etc. Just give it a few more years. We will find more things to hate.

It’s bad enough that we all do it, but we complain when it’s done to us. We fight for our rights to be who we are. Who’s fighting for those that are unable to? Take a moment of your time and remember how it was at your high school. It was real life only in a more confined space, with fewer people. There were cliques, groups, separation by tastes in music. You had the Emos, the Jocks, the Barbies, the Nerds, the Geeks, the Punks, and of course, the Unwanted. High school was supposed to prepare us to live among a diverse group of people. Instead, religion, governments, money, and ignorance has taken ahold of high school and made life more miserable for everyone.

Ask yourself if you discriminate. If you say no: join a club called “De Nile Association.” Only then will you be happy. Right now we have a candidate for the presidency that is doing exactly that. Taking people’s ignorance and turning them into a mass of human destruction. Soon they will be hating each other.

It will never end unless we take stock of ourselves and find the motivation to change. We as gays need to accept the lesbians. We as lesbians and gays need to accept the bisexuals. The gay, lesbian, and bisexuals need to accept the transgender and intersexual. We need to accept gender fluids.

WE ARE NORMAL. Why do we still have this conflict within the LGBTQIA+ community? Notice how I have contradicted myself a few times? It was not necessarily on purpose; it’s because that’s what (as a human) we do.

What’s your take on this? Share with me your feelings of all this hate among all the normal people in the world. Yes, you are normal. Stop saying that you’re not.