It’s October and we see people every day and wonder if they’re wearing their Halloween costume. How judgmental are we?

The sad truth we all do it. We tell ourselves that we don’t and we honestly don’t do it on purpose or with ill intent, unless we catch ourselves we wouldn’t know that we do. It’s human nature pure and simple.

There are two reasons for this, natural selection and media saturation.

As humans, we automatically select what we consider healthy, delicious, pleasant to want some things. As well as what’s bad for our health, gross, and painful when we avoid things. We select a red delicious apple because it’s shiny, firm, and insect free. We stray away from an old orange that has green fuzz, deflated, and smells bad. We judged both foods on how they looked and how it would affect our body.

Media saturation is something we learned. When we grow up we learn what to like and nit like from our peers. Don’t get near the boy next door. He has green eyes. Now, as an adult, you hate guys with green eyes. You’re not sure why.

Go out with the neighbor’s daughter, she has big boobs. Now, as an adult you’re confused, you’re gay, but trust girls with big boobs. Big boobs remind you of a happy home.

We watch TV and see that the men are supposed to have flat stomachs, muscles, blonde, blue eyes, and perfect lips. If we don’t see that in the mirror, we automatically feel ugly. We don’t do it on purpose, sometimes we don’t even notice it. It’s when we hold a gallon of vanilla ice cream (chocolate makes you fat, so they said), you realize that you’re a handsome being and you should go back on the diet wheel and start all over again.

No matter what we do, we are judged all the time. Not only that, but we are judged by different measuring tools by many different definitions that no matter what we do we are judged. It’s a fact of life. We must accept that we will be judged. We also have to accept that we will also judge others. What makes a difference is how you make the other persons feel.

It’s October and we expect people not to wear their costumes until Halloween. And yet knowing this we think that people not dressed in our image are already dressed for Halloween. Any other time of the year we don’t even flinch or give it a second thought. We judge We see it more during times of expectations, such as dating, job searching, service contracts, and any purchasing.