Cheating. Straight men seducing gay men is quite common. It happens a lot more than we think. It might also happen more often than we realize. You never know who is seducing who either. They think that the men they’re with are not considered cheating on their wife. Some consider it the down low, others see it as a pastime.

They don’t consider the consequences of the other parties. Are they being honest with the men they are sleeping with and they’re okay about it? Does the wife know and is okay with it? Some are. There’re too many questions to ponder on this particular subject.

What is the reason for this? Why do heterosexual married men don’t call it cheating when it’s with another man? Not sure I have the answer for it. But I do have a couple of theories. I’m sure you have your hypothesis too.

Some questions to consider:

  1. Is it because men are super sexual and need to get it at every moment? No. That’s too cliché.
  2. Is it because gay men are easy? No, that’s a myth.
  3. Is it because heterosexual men like taboo? I don’t even believe this one.

Whatever the reason you may think is probably right and it’s probably wrong. We don’t know exactly sure why heterosexual men seduce gay men. It happens. They don’t proclaim that they’re straight or gay. They don’t even admit that they’re gay or bi or semi-fluid. They just do.

What is sad is that most of these heterosexual men are married. Or they have a long term girlfriend or some are even about to get married. That is so unfair to the women that are married or engaged to them. It’s lying to them.

The lying part is the factor here. Not that they are sleeping with men. That’s not the issue. I am all for sleeping with whoever you want. What I don’t agree with is the lying to your spouse, your girlfriend, or your fiancé. Or in some cases, all three at the same time.

Let’s look at the gay men that are a party to this. They know it is a game. The fun in the game is the sneaking around, the hotel rooms, the back alleys, or the wife’s bed when she’s on a trip. Finding the time and energy to make the meetings last and be sexually exhausted. It’s a dangerous game.

There’s also the safety factor. If you’re the gay lover you know it’s safe. Emotionally safe to some degree. It’s knowing that you have a man that is already house trained. One that doesn’t ask you to do his laundry. A man that gives you the best part of a relationship without the drama. You don’t have to cook or look after his kids. They’re no demands for ownership or jealousy. He comes and goes as well as you do. You don’t have to worry about gaining weight, losing your job, or discuss bills and family. It’s all the fun in the world of having a man without the drama of having a relationship.