Parents always want what’s best for their children: a new bike, braces, a good college and other things they need to be happy. However, most of these things mentioned are easy to give. Parents think they know their son well enough to get those things.

When it comes to finding your gay son a boyfriend all things change. The heterosexual rules don’t apply. There are so many variables in a gay man’s need for a life partner that an entire encyclopedia can be devoted to it and still not get a straight answer. Pun intended.

#1 know your son’s taste in men

Aj’s mother loves him so much that she set him up with a young man from her work. A mother will do anything to make her son happy, especially having seen him alone and sad. She told her son, and not wanting to hurt her feelings, Aj agreed.

A blind date was set. Aj and his date had dinner; they laughed and actually became good friends. What Aj’s mother did not understand was that Aj is a femme type of guy and so was his date. They were both looking for a man that was more masculine, with a stronger, take charge personality and very straight-acting. Eventually, both Aj and the co-worker told his mom. She apologized and to this day can’t find a suitable man for Aj.

#2 make sure he’s looking

Morris’ mother was worried that he’s been single for over five years. She wanted to see him happy and find someone with whom to share his life with. He had so much to offer.

She had talked with another woman at church who also had a gay son. Subsequently, they are set up on a blind date. Not wanting to hurt her feelings, Morris obediently agreed and met the man.

At the dinner table, they chatted about mutual friends and about each other’s lovers. They were both seeing a married man. They only pretended to date each other so that their mothers would stay out of their lives. They both kept their affairs with married men.

#3 Don’t trick him

Jayjay was a happy, single bisexual man. Enjoying his freedom and sleeping with whomever. His mother was old fashioned – wanted to see him with a nice girl and have a family. Or with a nice guy and adopt children. She wanted grandchildren at whatever cost. She tried to set up blind dates, but he wouldn’t go to any of them. She finally tricked him into dinner with friends. As it turned out, of course, all the friends canceled, with the exception of one cute guy. Not knowing it was a set-up, Jayjay enjoyed the night. He enjoyed the young man as well. The next morning he said goodbye to him, but the young man stalked him, claiming he loved him. His mother had promised this guy that her son would love him. The young man was left heartbroken.

#4 Make sure he’s gay

Jacob always led a religious life. He was devout in his late father’s faith. He focused on his studies, his church, and his community. He’d been courting a young girl who was also old fashioned and wanted to save sex for marriage. Both wanted to lose their virginity to each other.

His mother was certain he was doing it out spite to get back at her for kicking his father out the house. She would ask him questions about his sex life. He always spoke the truth and with respect for the young woman. Unconvinced of his sexuality, his mother set him up on an outing with a man she barely knew herself. Jacob didn’t have much choice but to go unwillingly and without any malice.

Jacob was never married. He was never the same after that night. His mother watched him go from a young religious man who was courting a beautiful girl to a hollow man who thought he was forsaken by the devil. He had committed a sin. He allowed a man to do to him what no man should do to another. His mother took his life away from him.

#5 Don’t even think of doing it

He’s your son. Leave him alone. If he can’t find a man that he deserves, what would make a mother think she can? Let your son find his own man.